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Thursday, December 24, 2020

Media is silent as Iran tortures innocent minorities in prison for no reason other than being non-Muslim

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This is what the media does not show you about the brutal terror regime in Iran.
As you can see in the post embedded below, the Baha'i minority in Iran suffers cruel persecution which reaches a level of ethnic cleansing. The Iranian terrorist regime is notorious for the vicious execution of hundreds of innocent Baha'is as part of implementing Islamic laws after the Islamic Revolution.
Every year Baha'i people are kidnapped and unjustly imprisoned, tortured and even executed for no reason other than being non-Muslims.
The media and the United Nations are turning a blind eye to the ethnic cleansing of non-Muslim minorities in Iran in order to avoid damaging the image of Islam which is being used by the Iranian regime as justification for its crimes.
How come the Islamic Republic of Iran was elected to be a member of the U.N. Commission on Criminal Justice and even appointed to the UN Women's rights committee that judges complaints of women's rights violations?
The Iranian regime that hangs and imprisons peace-loving people for their beliefs, is today a major threat to the free world. Iran is building a massive arsenal of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. Does it not seem perverse that the UN, and the EU smile fondly on the persecutors and defame the protectors?
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