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Monday, September 16, 2019

WATCH: Palestinian Imam says children should be suicide bombers and attack Israel

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WATCH: Muslim Imam tells kids, Allah (God) wants them to be suicide bombers like Palestinian Female Suicide Bomber Wafa Idris who murdered Jews in cold blood.
Following are excerpts from a TV children’s show, in which children learn about Palestinian suicide bomber Wafa Idris. The show aired on Al-Quds TV .
In newly released documents, the Palestinian Authority confesses that in the first 5 months of 2019, it paid 234,000,000 shekels (over $65 million/€58 million) in salaries to terrorists. This is a rise of over 11% compared to 2018.
In calendar year 2018, the Trump Administration has significantly cut funding for the Palestinians including $231.532 million economic assistance and $424.3 million to UNRWA (UN agency in Gaza and Ramallah).
Every civilized country must cut all its foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority, which finances terrorism.
The European Union, Canada, Australia and the UK must follow the US and cut all foreign aid to the Muslims who call themselves "Palestinians".