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Monday, June 3, 2019

Within 10 minutes Iraqi Court sentenced French Muslims to death for joining ISIS - French president is furious

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Three French men have been sentenced to death by an Iraqi court after being found guilty of joining ISIS.
"They were sentenced to execution after it was proven that they were members of the terrorist Islamic State organisation," said one court official in a statement to the media.
Iraq shows no mercy towards ISIS terrorists.
Over the past few years, hundreds of ISIS terrorists were executed in Iraq, most of them were foreign fighters, including Westerners.
Thousands were put on trial, with many of those convicted either sentenced to life in prison or death.
The French government expressed outrage over the "harsh treatment" of ISIS terrorists by Iraqi authorities.
According to a statement released by the Elysee Palace,
France wants Iraq to spare four of its citizens who have been sentenced to death by hanging for fighting for the Islamic State group. Paris says it respects Iraqi's sovereignty but opposes capital punishment.