Sunday, March 17, 2019

Watch: Hamas missiles are intercepted over southern Israel - Iron Dome saves lives

Watch: Video that went viral last Friday showing Hamas rockets intercepted over southern Israel by the Iron Dome system.
The U.S. plans to shoot missiles out of the sky just like Israel can, by purchasing of the Iron Dome air defense systems that Israel has been using since 2011.
Iron Dome is one of the most intriguing systems to have been ever been developed. It is currently the only operational interceptor solution for countering rockets, artillery, and mortars (CRAM).
The systems achieved international fame during the 2012 and 2014 Gaza Strip conflicts.
The missile defence system uses small interceptor missiles to shoot down incoming threats.
Over the past decade, the Iron Dome defense system intercepted thousands of missiles fired into Israel from Syria, Egypt and Gaza and saved the lives of tens of thousands of innocent civilians in Israel.
This is what the media does not want you to know about Israel.
Israel is not investing in war, but in self-defense.
Israel is the only democratic state in the entire Middle East, the only place in the Middle East where Christians are safe and women are free.