Thursday, January 3, 2019

British Media Under Fire For ‘Censoring Terror Attack' Against Armed Forces On British Soil

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Once again an independent journalist, Tommy Robinson, highlights a horrifying incident that the mainstream media does not want you to hear about.
Please watch and share this video.
The video was posted with the following description:
"...I have been informed by his family that this serving soldier was out celebrating the new year in Batley when he was overheard in conversation with his friend talking about his last tour. It is alleged that around 15
Muslim males took offence to him being a serving soldier, started intimidating him calling him scum. It escalated and he and his friend were set upon by 15 males. This young soldier tried to step away across the road to diffuse the situation. It is then alleged that one of the Muslim males got into his Mercedes and proceeded to mount the kerb and mow down the soldier at circa 50mph according to an eyewitness. The Soldier is in the intensive care at Leeds Hospital. According to individuals who were at the scene this was sparked over a conversation about him in the forces. If it is politically motivated due to him serving in the forces then should it not be treated as a terrorist attack? Ask yourself why this is not on any news channel?? My thoughts are with this young man's family who have been in contact with me to inform me of the details and asked me to share.
I hope he can recover from what would appear to be potentially another politically motivated attack...."