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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Canada: Muslim says Jews have 2 minutes to return to Europe before being shot in Palestine

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Al Quds Day Toronto: Speaker Calls For Israelis To Be Killed.
Speaking before hundreds of demonstrators at the annual Al-Quds rally in Toronto, Speaker read Verse 60, Chapter eight, ‘The Spoils of War’ from the Qur’an. He told the Al-Quds Day rally: “We have to give them (Jews) an ultimatum. You have to leave Jerusalem. You have to leave Palestine.”
“We (Palestinians) have been negotiating with them (Israel) for 65 years. We say, get out or you’re dead! We give them two minutes and then we start shooting. And that’s the only way that they will understand.”
Try to understand the logic of these Muslims. They leave the Middle East, Africa and Asia and are welcomed everywhere in the West but then they go out into the streets and claim that Jews are illegal invaders in Israel.
They complain about Islamophobia but use Islam to spread hatred against Jews.